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Three Problems Every Pool Owner Must Face

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Anyone lucky enough to own a pool in their home or business premise knows that maintenance and pool service requirements always accompany the fun and relaxation accorded by a pool. A pool is a luxury that comes at an extra cost. If your pool is unscreened, there are several of these problems that you will experience almost immediately and frequently due to the open surface and the surroundings of the swimming pool.


This is probably one of the most common pool problems that many find themselves repetitively calling pool service for. Algae tend to grow fast in water. The result is a weird greenish shade of water in the pool making it look dirty. If left unchecked, the water slowly becomes somewhat slimy.

Algae accumulate in pools if the chlorine levels were too low. This interferes with the alkalinity of the pool and results in a good environment for the algae to grow. Using a water testing kit bought or offered by your pool service provider, check the chlorine levels in your pool and ensure they are between one to four ppm (parts per molecules). Also use algaecides obtainable from various chemical shops.

If the algae are persistent, shock-treating your pool could be a great option. This is done by using almost thrice the amount of the usual chlorine to treat your pool in one treatment.


Sometimes pools decide to throw their own foam parties. There is a lot of foam and white suds seen on the surface. This foam party is often caused by poor algaecides. Some algaecides are known to cause foam. It would be good to ask your algaecide vendor on all the properties of the algaecide before use. Some algaecide companies are not forthcoming with all this information, so ask your pool service provider first about algaecides and other chemicals you intend to use in your pool.

If you have already bought such kind of algaecide, don't worry. Just buy anti-foam and next time enquire more about the chemicals you intend to use.

Mysterious bottom

There are pools that you tend to wonder what mysteries they are hiding in their depths. This is because the water seems to be dark and almost black in the deeper regions. This situation is caused by improper pH levels. To reveal the mysteries at the floor of your pool, test the pool water pH and with the help of your pool service provider adjust as required.