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Questions to Ask When Planning a Swimming Pool Renovation

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A swimming pool renovation is a big project, which is why you want to ensure you ask the right questions of any potential contractor before you move forward with the job. This will ensure you know what to expect and can plan the renovation properly. Make note of the following and review these questions with any potential contractor.

1. How much lead time do they need to schedule the work?

Never assume that you can call a contractor on Monday and have them arrive at your home to remodel your pool on Tuesday. Because it can take several days if not weeks to resurface a pool and install new lights, new stairs, and other such features, a contractor may book up very quickly and not be as readily available as you might assume. Note too that many people want their pool renovations done in the spring so it's ready for summer swimming season, so your preferred contractor may be fully booked at that time. Ask how much lead time they need and if there is a better time of year that may even affect the pricing of their work; they may give you a discount for having your renovation done late in the fall so it's ready for next year.

2. Are there short-term solutions?

In some cases you may be able to have the surface of your pool simply repainted or have a new coat of plaster put on rather than having it completely renovated. This work may be cheaper, but if you opt for this, be sure you understand how long this work should last. A full pool renovation with new concrete may last for several years if not decades, whereas a paint job or new coat of plaster may only last a few years at the most. Balance the cost with the expected lifespan of the work when making your decision.

3. Ask if they will refill the pool when work is done.

In many cases it will be your responsibility to refill the pool once the work is over, but your contractor may work this into their quote and have it done for you. They may be able to get a truckload of new water for your pool much cheaper than you could as a homeowner, and they may be able to pass these savings over to you. At the very least, ask about this possibility so you know your options for having the pool refilled once the work is finished.