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4 Reasons Why Concrete Pools Are the Best

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Despite the influx of fibreglass and vinyl pools, concrete still remains the top choice for those who want the best pool possible. They might cost a little more, but they more than make up the cost by providing a long list of advantages.

1. Versatility

Fibreglass and vinyl pools restrict buyers when it comes to size and shape since they come pre-fabricated from a factory in specific moulds. However, concrete pools can be as wide and as deep as you like, so you'll be able to add diving boards and enjoy much more beautiful fresh water to splash around in when the sun is shining.

They can also be made in any shape, so you can perfectly design yours to fit with your outside space. Even the oddest of designs can be catered for with ease, from the standard rectangle to the shape of your own face! If you don't want to settle for a cookie-cutter design, concrete is certainly the way to go.

2. Value

Granted, the installation of a concrete pool will take longer than a fibreglass or vinyl one; a steel frame needs to be formed, concrete applied, and plastering completed. However, good things come to those who wait, and your patience will be rewarded with a permanent pool that adds a tremendous amount of value to your home compared to those made using cheaper materials.

3. Durability

One thing that should immediately leap out at prospective pool-buyers is the incredible durability of concrete over materials such as fibreglass and vinyl. Strong and long-lasting, concrete pools can last for decades, and they're also easy to repair since more concrete can be laid down over any problem areas.

In the case of vinyl, a tear in the liner means that the whole thing needs replacing; a crack in fibreglass can be equally tricky to repair. Ever wondered why hotels prefer concrete pools? It's because they last longer.

4. Looks

Concrete might not sound like a material likely to prove visually-appealing, and that can sometimes be the case when it goes unadorned. However, many pool owners choose to decorate theirs with tiles, providing a beautiful appearance that fits entirely with their own wishes.

You might choose simply to use light blue tiles across the whole pool in order to make the water look even more enticing, but it's also possible to create borders along the edges, or even a mosaic. As an added bonus, tiling your pool makes it much easier to clean.

Concrete pools are last forever, look great, and come exactly how you want them. If you're looking to install an in-built pool, concrete might just be the right option for you.