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How to Make Your Swimming Pool Fun for Kids

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Planning a new swimming pool and want to make sure your kids enjoy it? You're in the right place. We've got loads of great ideas that will get your kids excited about your new pool, from choosing an interesting shape to installing fun extras. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on pool installation to find it's never used, so these following these suggestions is a great investment.

Choose a novel shape

If your kids are used to swimming in a public pool, then a home swimming pool may not hold that much novelty. However, that all changes if you choose an interesting or unusual shape for your pool. If you don't fancy a rectangle but want to stick with a semi-traditional shape, try a kidney, a figure of eight or an octagon. If you want to really thrill the kids, go for a novelty shape that they've never seen before. It could be water-related, like a dolphin or octopus, or could reflect a family interest. Unusually-shaped pools open up loads of opportunities for games and make-believe play. Let your kids get involved in the design process if you can.

Have slides installed

Who'd want to climb into a swimming pool when they could slide in? Having a slide makes your pool way more fun for kids, and there are plenty of options. A straight slide is a good choice that's fun for speedy sliders. A curved slide adds interest and can often be made to fit in with your existing landscaping for a natural look. Flume-style slides will bring a taste of the water park to your home and are sure to be a hit with your kids and their friends. Choose fiberglass or resin slides for the best quality - particularly important if you have an outdoor pool.

Add stepping stones

Stepping stones are a beautiful feature for an outdoor pool, and can be made to match with natural rocks around the garden. They're also loads of fun for kids. They'll be able to practice balancing and experience the thrill of 'walking' on water. Stepping stones can also be incorporated into games and used as part of imaginary play. Maybe they're stepping stones across a moat to the castle? Or perhaps they lead to the home of the mermaids? Give your kids a little inspiration and they can entertain themselves by the pool for hours.

Don't create a dull outdoor pool that your family never uses. Instead, follow these tips to build the coolest pool on the block. For more information, contact companies like Atlantis Pools.