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Common problems with spa pumps

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When your hot tub pumps fail then repair is possible as opposed to replacement. The most common failures involve:

Failure to heat up 

This is by far the most annoying problem when you want to use your hot tub after a long week. You will find that the water is cold and will not heat up with time. You should first check the tub's water level, look for any blockages and clean your filter. If these tricks do not work then try resetting the heater breaker. You could also reset the pump every five seconds. If after all these DIY tips, then you need a professional to look at the heating system of the spa pump.

Low water pressure

A hot tub pump has two parts: motor and wet end. A problem may arise in the engine that leads to low water pressure, which means that there may be clogs in the pump. Blockages in the pump impede the propeller's ability to turn which leads to low pressure. In this instance, you can try to remove the clogs, and if this fails, you can ask for professional help.


The lack of sufficient air in the motor can lead to overheating of water. A hot tub pump should ever overheat, produce a burning smell or switch itself off. These signs are an indication of pump failure. Reasons, why pumps will overheat, include a problem in the electrical system or the lack of sufficient water through the pump. The pump could also have insufficient voltage due to a breakdown on its circuit. A closed valve especially may even lead to a fire in the pump. One way to prevent overheating is to air out the hot tub pump in a clean area.

Loud noises

Loud or abnormal noises from a hot tub motor are an indication of failure. This is especially common in old and worn out spa pumps. For old spa pumps, you can check the engine for dirt or rust and look into a replacement. Do not ignore any noises. A screeching sound is an indication of a failure of motor bearings. Low-pitched noises are an indication that the pump does not receive sufficient water and in this instance, you should check the valve and filter for blockage. A rattling noise is an indication of a broken component within the pump. Humming noises are an indication of electrical failure that requires the expertise of a professional.