Pool Safety and Security: Protecting Family and Thwarting Vandals

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Troubleshooting Pool Pumps | Signs your Pool Pump is Going Out

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Pool pumps are an expensive replacement, so you need to ensure that you use it properly and maintain it well. Any oncoming dangers need to be dealt with immediately; else you risk totally damaging the pump. Even a small error that goes on for too long may lead to premature replacement. But you can’t deal with the problem if you don’t know how to spot the signs right? So here are a number of warning signs that any pool owner needs to be aware of and how to troubleshoot them. Read More»

Questions to Ask When Planning a Swimming Pool Renovation

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A swimming pool renovation is a big project, which is why you want to ensure you ask the right questions of any potential contractor before you move forward with the job. This will ensure you know what to expect and can plan the renovation properly. Make note of the following and review these questions with any potential contractor. 1. How much lead time do they need to schedule the work? Read More»

Three Problems Every Pool Owner Must Face

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Anyone lucky enough to own a pool in their home or business premise knows that maintenance and pool service requirements always accompany the fun and relaxation accorded by a pool. A pool is a luxury that comes at an extra cost. If your pool is unscreened, there are several of these problems that you will experience almost immediately and frequently due to the open surface and the surroundings of the swimming pool. Read More»

Blooming Ugly: Dealing with Less Common Varieties of Algal Blooms that Can Infest Your Swimming Pool

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Every responsible swimming pool owner naturally does their best to prevent the infection of their pool with green algae—these slimy mats of disgusting green ooze are unsightly, unsanitary and can provoke some nasty illnesses and skin reactions in swimmers. However, the other, more obscure varieties of algae that can affect your pool are often overlooked, and the measures pool owners take to prevent green algal blooms are not always effective at preventing the spread of these lesser known algae types. Read More»

Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Filter

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When it comes to choosing the best swimming pool filter, most people get confused with all of these technicalities. While there is no simple, best answer for this question, it helps to understand the basic types of pool filters before making a decision. There are three basic types of pool filters: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth. Any one of these materials will do the job just fine, but each of them comes with its own advantages and disadvantages as follows: Read More»